Case Study: Cable TV

How a cable television company unifies its physical network data, customer services and strategic planning through Mapbis easy-to-use, map-based system

Client: Turksat Cable Provider of cable television and internet services in Turkey; 1.5 m customers

Challenge: To unify continually updated diverse data, manage daily operations and provide for strategic growth. To be unified: customer services, physical network data, projections of network growth

Solution:Mapbis data environment, specially designed for managing cable television operational data

Mapbis Solution

To unify Turksat large, continuous flow of diverse data and complex daily operations, Mapbis designed a data management system with the following main features:


  • Desktop-based and tablet-based versions for management and field staff, respectively
  • User-specific authorization for data entry, access and analysis
  • Standardized data entry to maximize the reliability and usefulness of data for analyses
  • Intuitive, multiple-criteria search tools for doing analyses and generating reports

Technology used

  • MapInfo, MapXtreme .Net
  • Oracle Spatial
  • Oracle 11g
  • Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Devexpress
  • OpenLayers
  • Web Services (ASP.NET)
  • GeoServer

Advantages of Mapbis Cable TV Data
Management System

  • Clean, simple design combined with powerful analytic tools
  • Customized tools make it easy for users at all levels, from managers to field workers
  • Map-based design make it intuitive to use, and useful for addressing region-based challenges
  • Each data item is entered via standardized menus, maximizing reliability of data
  • Each users authorization level is password controlled, and file permissions can be managed to keep data reliable and safe

Example criteria for queries and analyses

  • Physical network component type
  • Customer characteristics
  • Maintenance status

Examples of data integrated geographically

  • Physical network: cable types, distribution
    boxes, fiber nodes, manholes
  • Customer characteristics
  • Maintenance status