Navigation Sector

Mapbis develops and supports a diverse range of navigation solutions, from fleet vehicle route optimization to personal navigation for people with visual impairment.

Mapbis creates its own navigation maps, and also provides navigation map data for well known international companies like Garmin, Google, MLS, Navitel, NNG and Drive.

Companies benefit strategically from Mapbis navigation technology.
Delivery and transport companies increase revenues and reduce costs by using Mapbis’ custom-designed maps and route optimization software.

Utilities providers – telephone, electricity, natural gas, water – benefit if they use Mapbis’ utilities solutions, which have built-in field force management capability. Maintenance crews, for example, can keep track of work orders and navigate to worksites via one easy-to-use software.

Companies that provide shuttle transportation for their employees are now benefiting from Rotaban, which is Mapbis’ recently released breakthrough in route optimization. The program takes into account employee addresses, walking distances to pick-up locations, vehicle mileage constraints and employee work schedules to define the best routes, thereby saving time and money and increasing efficiency.

Mapbis does not limit its navigation expertise to commercial markets. In 2010, Mapbis pioneered the use of navigation in assistive technology for people in Turkey who have visual impairment (please see our case study, Seeing Eye).