GasnetMaestro: Natural Gas Infrastructure Management Software

GasnetMaestro is an application which enables natural gas distribution networks to be managed in a rule-based way.

Data entry is based on predefined rules. In case of emergency, users can easily see which valves to close. Managers can see the big picture of their networks’ inventory in terms of pipe characteristics and fittings. The customer relations department can see which buildings are served, and which will be served next year.

GasnetMaestro in action


BURSAGAS has a completely integrated IT system (GIS, SCADA, SAP, FM, etc). The data in the system are live data, making it possible to analyse the ongoing system status for emergency failures, valve operations, customers affected, and enterprise resource planning.

Utilizing a live system with up-to-date data, easy to adopt and ready to develop new systems is a must for managing activity in such a large and complex network.


KAYSERİGAS, the sole provider of natural gas services in the province of Kayseri since 2004, attracted the attention of EWE AG and was acquired by that company in 2007. In 2008 KAYSERİGAS began to use Mapbis’ GIS with customer relations management.


İZMİTGAS, provider of natural gas services in the industrial region of Izmit and Kocaeli, was founded in 2004 and joined with GDF Suez in 2009. Since 2006 İZMİTGAS has been using GIS in its operations, and has achieved GIS integration with customer management and asset management


İZMİRGAS, the natural gas distributor for the provinces of Izmir and Tire, was formed in 2005 through a partnership of Kolin A.Az. and Turkerler A.Az. İZMİRGAS has the unique distinction of being the first natural gas provider in Turkey to organize its physical network and customer address data via GIS at the very outset of company operations. As a leader in innovation, İZMİRGAS uses Mapbis’ GasnetMaestro software, which is based on MapInfo and MapXtreme and is designed specifically for managing natural gas networks. Address and network data, stored in Oracle, have been integrated with the customer management system by the firm ATOS.


In ÇORUMGAS, Kargas and Surmeligas Inc. ÇORUMGAS Natural Gas Information and Management System was developed as a GIS based software. This system associates spatial information with all the network infrastructure data of the verbal information in the digital environment belonging to the natural gas infrastructure. It is the system which map-based information in a central database, subscriber, network infrastructure, maintenance, etc., matched with other systems such as an integrated structure between the information is collected, analysed, delivered, questioned.


ESGAZ Inc. aims for natural gas infrastructure investments and business activities and subscription transactions related to these activities , demand and production management system, emergency plans, etc., to present data collected on several interrelated subsystems as map-based in integrity and in order to reach easily to the report in the specified format. For this purpose, a GIS application was developed by Mapbis in accordance with needs and demands that rise day by day.