Case study: Water Infrastructure

How an innovative water provider keeps its customers happy, manages its physical network, and plans sustainable growth easily and quickly on a single clickable landscape

Client: Kayseri Water: 510 000 subscribers, 500 employees, 3 700 km of pipe in network

Challenge: Integrate fragmented data from all operations (customer relations, physical network, etc) in a unified, easy to use digital environment

Solution:HydronetMaestroA data environment, specially designed for managing water networks


With the HydronetMaestro web and desktop applications, access to infrastructure and customer information became faster
Kayseri Water GIS Director

Kayseri Water provides water and treats wastewater for over 510 000 customers in the region of Kayseri, Turkey. Digitization of paper maps of infrastructure was completed in 2002. Subsequently, several geographic information systems (GIS) programs based on ArcGIS were tried for managing inventory. However, Kayseri Wateras strategic challenge was to integrate all types of data pipeline geographic coordinates, network operational data, customer and call center information, and maintenance schedules. With this kind of integration, data become more reliable and up-to-date, and can be accessed via controlled accounts by everyone in the organization, from managers to maintenance crews.
In 2014, Kayseri Water decided that the best way to integrate their diverse types of data, manage daily operations and plan strategic growth was to
use HydronetMaestro, a data environment designed specifically for managing water and wastewater distribution systems.

The key to combining diverse data involved in water distribution is the approach known as geographic information systems (GIS). In GIS, all data are associated with geographic coordinates. This way, diverse types of data become integrated into a single, zoomable, searchable environment.

  • Manage network inventory, maintenance status
    and connectivity in real time
  • Increase customer satisfaction by integrating customer addresses, field crew work schedules and local service status
  • Web-based applications for marketing and sales management and spatial decision-making
  • Each customer was located by correct address superimposed on the network map, enabling individual or category statistics to be generated at any scale
  • Improve workflow throughout the organization, because everyone uses the same integrated system via controlled accounts
  • Clean, simple design
  • Customized tools make HydronetMaestro easy to use for all employees, from managers to maintenance crews
  • Zoomable to any scale, from international to a single customeras address
  • Advanced analyses can be performed easily and intuitively, according to whatever categories the user defines
  • Each employeeas access is password controlled, and file permissions can be managed to keep data reliable and safe

Technology used

  • Oracle Spatial
  • MapInfo, MapXtreme, .Net
  • Yolbil Navigation of Mapbis