Strategy for smarter infrastructure

Your strategic decisions require strategically organized knowledge.


The easiest way to combine all available knowledge from an infrastructure network – customer activities and records, inventory status, remote monitor data, field crew workflow – is to see in a single glance how they all fit together, physically and financially.


Mapbis provides this single integrated view through software platforms designed for the infrastructure they work with – PowernetMaestro for electricity, TelconetMaestro for telecommunications, GasnetMaestro for natural gas, and HydronetMaestro for water.

Our success is outlined below, and we would like to build on it by working with you.


Mapbis at a glance

> Innovator of geography-based solutions

> Founded in 1997

> 400+ staff in Istanbul and Ankara

> 1500+ clients in Europe and the Middle East

> Years of experience with international partners like Google and Pitney Bowes

Some Milestones

Mapbis was founded in 1997, soon became a partner of MapInfo, and currently has staff in Istanbul and Ankara serving 1500+ clients in Europe and the Middle East.

In 1998, Mapbis developed a geographic information systems (GIS) platform for the Ankara Water General Directorate, which was the biggest GIS-based infrastructure project developed up to that time in Turkey and supported water services to 5 million people.

In 2001, Mapbis started its first international project for the Madinah Municipality in Saudi Arabia.

In 2004, Mapbis opened its own Research & Development center on the campus of Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

In 2005, Mapbis developed the first GIS based e-government automated solution for managing applications for mining licenses.

Since 2006, Mapbis has maintained the most up-to-date navigation maps in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, and is extending its coverage. Applications developed to date include custom navigation systems for sales & field force management.

Since 2007, Mapbis maps have been the foundation of the coverage of Turkey offered by Google Maps and many other navigation companies.

In 2008, Mapbis developed for Turk Telekom the biggest GIS system in the region, covering all underground/above-ground assets and showing the network connectivity of every subscriber, cable and pole/manhole, with physical geometry and textual attributes. Since that time, the system has been up and running, and is daily used by more than 6000 staff countrywide for serving more than 22 million customers.

Since 2009, Mapbis has been collecting street-based detailed maps for the General Directorate of Security.

In 2010, Mapbis pioneered the use of navigation in assistive technology for visually impaired users in Turkey.

Since 2011, Mapbis has been creating utility-specific network solutions: PowerMaestro for electricity, GasMaestro for natural gas, and WaterMaestro for water/wastewater.

In 2012, Mapbis exported its Telecom and Electricity network products to Albania and Palestine.

In 2013, Mapbis built a GIS based inventory system for a nationwide educational project involving the distribution of tablet computers, smart boards and digital projectors to more than 50,000 schools.

In 2014, Mapbis has begun to develop a location-based information system for the National Disaster & Emergency Management agency.

Mapbis is ready to provide geographic perspective for your company vision.